XBoxLive and PlayStation Networks Down on Christmas Day

XBox Live and PSN(PCM) Christmas n00bs did not take down gaming servers on Christmas day. It was Lizard Squad. A group of hackers that made many many threats of extortion to simply asking for retweets to restore the Xbox and Playstation networks from DDOS attacks.

DDOS attacks are when multiple users attack a server as opposed to a DOS attack when only one party attacks. DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. DOS is just Denial of Service.

The outage took place much of the day with XBox and Playstation networks receiving many complaints regarding outage.

While the providers worked hard to thwart the attack, other hacking groups came to the providers aid. In addition to helping halt the network attacks, groups such as Finest Squad went as far as to post the names, addresses, IP’s, mobile phone numbers and of course Internet providers of as many as nine of Lizard Squads hacking members. ┬áIn some cases even banking account numbers are posted.

To keep up with antics search Lizard Squad and Finest Squad on twitter. has the details of their efforts to attack Lizard Squad on their site.

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