I LOVE FOOD: Pork Milanese!


This week’s I Love Food blog highlights pork. Now, I used to think I hated this type of meat. Whenever my mom would say we made “pork tenderloin” or “pork chops” for dinner – I would immediately text my geographically closest friend to make plans at the local White Castle.

But, I realized I do enjoy pork only in different forms. Although hot dogs are cholesterol sticks they are still enjoyable on a hot summer’s day. Pulled pork is one of my favorite foods, and my new favorite (Milanese) is wonderfully tasty.

My family and I began to make it after we had it at Mossuto’s Market up in Spring Lake, NJ. We were instantly hooked!

They pound the meat so it is extremely tender – it almost looks and tastes like chicken. (That’s probably why I also enjoy it so much.)

They then bread it and pan fry it so it is not only crunchy but has a hint of flavoring – not enough to overpower the flavor of the meat though. You can also season it with lemon, or just cut it up and put it with a nice mesculin salad like in the picture. They use a hint of lemon vinaigrette, so it has a light, airy, crispness with a bite.

Now my family makes this at home at least once a month. And this is one pork meal I DO look forward to.

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