82 Percent of Women Feel Overly Pressured for Bikini Season

If you’re uncomfortable or hesitant to strip down to a swimsuit this summer, you’re not alone. Shape magazine and FitSugar teamed up to find out what women really think about sporting a swimsuit this season, and well, let’s just say the findings aren’t exactly mind-blowing.

Probably least surprising of all, and certainly most unfortunate, is that 82 percent of women surveyed said they felt overly pressured when it came to getting in shape for summer, with 60 percent admitting to dieting in preparation for bikini season. In fact, women are so concerned with their body image that 44 percent said they would remove a tag on Facebook or ask their friend to take down the photo!

When asked which body part they are most self-conscious about, more than half of readers replied that they hate their abs, while 29 percent said they’re self-conscious about their thighs. But a bit of good news: 48 percent of them are proud of their strong arms, legs, and butts.

And finally, a whopping 68 percent of readers said they’d forgo sex for at least a month to have their ideal beach body.

Does this sound all too familiar? Don’t let your body hang-ups ruin your summer! It’s one thing to want to be healthy and fit, it’s another to obsess and panic over what you look like in a swimsuit. Exercise 3-4 times a week, eat a healthy balanced diet, and enjoy yourself! Life is too short not to enjoy laying poolside with a margarita or two!

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