9-Year Old Girl Kicked Out Of School For Shaving Her Head

cancer1(PCM) A 9-year old girl by the name of Kamryn Renfro, was recently kicked out of her school in Grand Junction, CO after she shaved her head to show solidarity and support for her friend Delaney Clements who is currently battling cancer and lost her hair.

The school district claimed that Renfro violated the school’s dress code policy which states that girls are not allowed to have shaved head. When Renfro showed up to school, she was kicked out and told she could not come back until she bought a wig or her hair grew back.

The community was outraged and Renfro was back in class on Tuesday, however the school district was planning to have a closed door meeting to further discuss and evaluate the situation.

Renfro had the full support of her parents when she made the decision to shave her head and she told local news in Colorado that she was only attempting to make her friend feel better. Clements, the girl battling cancer, claimed that she was thrilled to have someone willing to show her support and would not be alone with people always laughing at her.

Renfro’s mother emailed the school district explaining the reason behind her daughters shaved haircut and at first school administrators claimed they would not make an exception to the dress code policy.

We can only hope that the school district will come to their senses and realized that Renfro only shaved her head in support of her sick friend and was in no way attempting to be rebellious.

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