Airline Reveals Plans To Begin Weighing Passengers Prior To Flight Take-Off


(PCM) It is a really good thing that this is happening overseas because we seriously can’t see this idea going over too well with travelers here in the States.¬†Uzbekistan Airways has revealed plans to being a pre-flight weighing of passengers in attempt to determine the average weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage. ¬†The company stresses that passengers will absolutely not be charged by the pound and that the new weigh-in is strictly for informative and research purposes.

The company says that the weighing of passengers can aid the International Air Transport Association with ensuring flight safety. Even the National Transportation Board states that airlines really should be checking the weight of passengers periodically prior to boarding to provide more accurate information about the overall weight of the departing plane.

In the case of Uzbekistan Airways, the passengers will be asked to go through a weighing machine in the departure gate zone and the company assures it’s passengers that everyone’s individual weight will be kept under strict anonymity.

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