Apple And Facebook Will Now Assist Employees With Payments To Freeze Eggs


(PCM) It has recently been revealed that major technology companies, Apple and Facebook, have added a new benefit to their female employee’s medical coverage which will now assist them with paying to freeze their eggs.

Because of the high cost that is normally associated with the freezing of a woman’s eggs, many women did not consider it to be an option if they wanted to wait to have children until later in life. With both Facebook and now Apple agreeing to assist their female employees in paying for this option it opens up new choices for women that were not available before.

While the freezing of eggs is still a relatively new practice, many women are beginning to take advantage of the benefits of being able to put their fertility on hold until they are ready to start a family.

Once the eggs are frozen then can then be inserted into the female’s uterus at a later time as a safe and effective way to still bear children later in life. Many women are looking into this option as they would like to spend more time focused on their career during their prime child-bearing years.

Facebook began offering this benefit to employees back in January of 2014 and Apple claims that they will begin to offer the benefit starting in January of 2015.

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