Bizarre Statue Creates A Stir In The Hamptons


(PCM) One would think a thin woman adorned in shiny metal would fit right in with the aesthetics of the Hamptons, correct? Well, in normal circumstance yes, but in the case of the 30ft shiny metal “Walking Woman” statue that has been erected in the middle of the Hampton’s Business District residents are definitely not pleased.

Residents of Westhampton, NY are incredibly mind-boggled about exactly why the 30 ft statue, what many are saying looks like a Peanuts character wrapped in duct tape, has even been put up in the first place. Many are demanded that the statue be removed and it seems that no one is even able to provide a satisfactory reason for why it even exists in the first place.

The property developer claims that “the sculpture is bold and imaginative, with a liveliness that mirrors the modern design elements and positive, open feel of the Hamptons business district.” However, the residents and visitors to the area will certainly disagree!

Residents have taken to the Facebook page for the West Hampton Chamber of Commerce to voice their concerns and outrage. One man even offered to donate a wrecking ball and a crane.

What do you think of the “Walking Woman” statue? Art or Eye-sore?

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