Dove Launches Body Type Shaped Bottles. The Internet Is Not Pleased!

(PCM) The Dove brand has been known and loved for their heart-warming advertisements and commercials that promote diversity and body positivity, however people are not so keen on the company taking those ideal and creating new packaging that is supposed to look like various body types.

We understand the company wanting to celebrate diversity, especially when it comes to body image, but bottle shape diversity may be taking things just a step too far. For example, Dove’s new packaging features the slogan that “Beauty Comes In All Shapes And Sizes” and the bottles come in a variety of shapes such as tall and thin and short and stout. So, does this mean if I’m on the chunky side then I shouldn’t by the tall and thin bottle or vice versa? It is ridiculous!

According to Dove:

From curvaceous to slender, tall to petite, and whatever your skin colour, shoe size or hair type, beauty comes in a million different shapes and sizes. Our six exclusive bottle designs represent this diversity: just like women, we wanted to show that our iconic bottle can come in all shapes and sizes, too.

Overall it is just a weird idea and probably one that will not be around too long now that folks on the internet have begun relentlessly trolling the company. Perhaps we should just toss this one to the bad idea pile now!

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