Dunkin Donuts Reveals New Holiday Cup Design In The Wake Of The Starbucks Cup Drama


(PCM) We are certain that by now many of you are tired of hearing about the massive drama surrounding the plain red colored Starbucks holiday cup design. Critics are calling the cup anti-Christian because it fails to feature any type of Christmas ornamentation. The debate has gotten so out of hand that many people are beginning to block posts on social media that pertain to the cup drama and some have even started the hilarious hashtag #ItsJustACup.

In the midst of all this cup color drama, Dunkin Donuts has taken advantage of the situation and unveiled their all-new cup for the holiday season which of course features the word “Joy” written in cursive surrounded by red and green holiday designs. While neither cup, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, explicitly says the phrase “Merry Christmas”, it is quite evident that Dunkin Donuts is making an attempt to cash in on the Starbucks controversy by making quite the festive cup.

Starbucks continues to defend their holiday cup design by saying that left it plain red in color to allow customers to decorate their own coffee cups with messages and drawings. They have not commented on Dunkin Donuts new cup reveal. ¬†We don’t know about you, but seriously how many of us seriously take the time to doodle on our coffee cups let along write out a complete holiday message? ¬†Either way truly remember #ItsJustACup people!

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