Have You Ever Wanted To Smell Like A Mimosa All-Day Long? ‘Brunch-Scented’ Deodorants May Just Be For You!

(PCM) Adding to the ever-growing lists of products that exist, but are truly unnecessary are the new “brunch-scented” deodorants from a company called Native. Wait, you mean you don’t really want to smell like a mimosa or a glass of sangria all day long?

The company has recently launched their limited edition set of brunch themed deodorants and they are already selling out like crazy with a heft price tag of $30.00 for the set of three. The deodorants will be offered in the scents of rosé, mimosa and sangria and promise to keep you smell alcohol fresh all day long without ever having to touch a drink!

Native stresses that the deodorants are 100% paraben and aluminum-free, and are not tested on animals. Needless to say, but just in case you were wondering, no … there is no actual alcohol contained in the deodorant products. They are being released as part of Native celebration for the beginning of the summer season and the official rosé drinking season, because, hey … that’s a real thing!

Native is U.K.-based company and the sets are already sold-out, however U.S customers looking to purchase the “brunch-scented” deodorant collection can join the company’s waiting list until they once again become available.

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