Ever Wonder What That Drawer Under Your Oven Is Really For?

(PCM) We seriously feel like the biggest idiots in the world right now! If you are anything like us then you have most likely noticed that large pull out drawer located under your kitchen oven and of course proceeded to fill it up with all the large baking sheets and pans that will not fit anywhere else the kitchen. Hey, more storage, right? ¬†Wrong! That drawer actually serves a much more useful purpose that we didn’t even know!

Get ready for this ….

The drawer under your oven is actually a warming drawer! It is designed to keep your cooked hot foods at serving temperature until your guests arrive and you are ready to serve dinner. Well, who knew? We have seriously been using it for storage all this time! This is like a kitchen epiphany!

It is worth noting however that the warming drawer cannot be used to actually cook food, it is to be used with already hot food that came out of the cooking oven above. Cold or room-temperature food should not heated up or warmed in the drawer either.

Looks like we learn something new everyday! Go ahead and ask all your friends if they know that drawer is really used for, bet there will not be many who know the truth, but we have revealed it here! Happy warming, but we think we might just stick with the storage!

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