Happy Hot Toddy Day! (January 11th)

Hot. Two hot whiskey, rum, apple or brandy toddy cocktail drink
(PCM) Cold out there, is it? Well, fear not. January is a good month for celebrating all things hot. January 11th has been designated as National Hot Toddy Day.

A hot toddy is a blend of alcohol, water, sweeteners (usually honey) and herbs, spices, or other flavors. They are traditionally made with whisky, rum, or brandy, but the exact mixture really depends on what you feel like, or what you’ve got. The only rule is that you’ve got to serve it hot.

Conventional wisdom tells us that hot toddies hail from Scotland, where they were meant to gentle the taste of whisky for the sake of the lasses. Though many modern ladies can knock ’em back neat as any fella, a sip of something hot and sweet can be appealing to any winter drinker – regardless of what’s under your kilt. So bottom’s up, and happy hot toddy day!

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