Making Your Dorm Feel Like Home

We are nearing the end of summer, and that means it’s time to whip out the check lists and get started on shopping for all those dorm room essentials – and more importantly, non essentials! Of course you don’t want to forget the necessities like bed sheets and comforters, a mini fridge, TV, etc., but the things we think of as “non essentials” are actually what will make all the difference in making a dorm feel like home.

Here are a few tips and ideas to get you thinking about the “non essentials” that will help turn your dark and dreary dorm room into a place that feels like home. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your dorm, so make the best out the small space and your new home away from home!

Colorful rugs are a necessity in dorm rooms; they add color and warmth to an otherwise small, cold space. Depending on the amount of floor space, you’ll probably want to have two small to medium rugs – one by your bed and wherever else there is open floor space. A round rug adds a little extra style to your room, especially when it’s covered in a unique, colorful pattern like this floral rug from Urban Outfitters ($39.99). 60″ is a good size for a dorm room, considering you have no idea yet how large your room will be…or how small!


A lot of dorm rooms have bathrooms now, too – if you’re lucky! Adding a few colorful touches to the bathroom will help make it feel like home. These shower curtains are cute and inexpensive, and will really change the appearance of the bathroom. This white, ruffled shower curtain (Target, $31.99) will add a vintage, feminine touch, and the black and white Damask curtain (Target, $18.39) adds a nice classic pop!

Accessorize your bathroom with bright colors! Usually, dorm bathrooms are either all white, or dark and dingy – neither of which you want to keep that way. Adding little bits of bright color will make a big difference. If you have a solid color shower curtain, these flower shower hooks(Target, $9.59) will bring it to life! A pretty toothbrush holder(Target, $7.19) and matching waste basket(Target, $10.39) will help tie it all together.

When you first walk into your dorm, chances are it will be dull and boring – with a lot of white wall space. That means you better be prepared with stuff to cover those walls! Picture frames, posters, shelves and dry erase boards are good places to start. Urban Outfitters offers a lot of unique wall decor from tapestries that can be hung on walls or draped over the bed to bed headboards to chandeliers! Some of their items can get a little pricey, but you can decorate your dorm in style without breaking the bank there, too. Here are three inexpensive and unique items to jazz up your walls!

This wall window (Left; Urban Outfitters, $16.00)is a unique, space-savvy and inexpensive way to display your photographs. Standing frames can take up a lot of room in your small space, making the room look cluttered quickly, so this is a great way to see your favorite photos without taking up room. Another idea for the wall – hang one of these chalkboard wall decals and leave your roommate messages, or hang it above your desk for reminders and to-do lists (Urban Outfitters, $24). And put your jewelry on display with a beautiful jewelry stand (Urban Outfitters, $29) – chances are you won’t have much room left on your dresser or desk, plus it looks good on your wall so why not!

Storage and organization is a must when you’re living in a dorm, but who wants to see ugly, plastic crates stacked all over the place? Be organized and fashionable with these boxes and bins that you’re roommate will be more than happy to have to look at everyday (instead of your stuff all over the dorm)! Store everything from clothes and shoes to office supplies. Boxes with a lids, like this patterned one on the left(Target, $12.99), are perfect for stacking, while the flower printed bin (Target, $7.99) is best for in the closet filled with things you don’t mind people seeing!

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