Man Given Six Months To Live Makes His Wife’s Dreams Come True

Chris-Price(PCM) This is a truly heartbreaking story that in the end truly explores the uplifting message of the importance of living each day to the fullest and as if it could be your last.

26-year old Chris Price was diagnosed with cancer in his liver and lungs and was told that he only had about six months to live. Price had survived a battle with esophageal cancer in the past and instead of wallowing up in the fear and misery that I am sure any of us would go through when facing that diagnosis, he instead dedicated the last six months of his life to making his wife’s wildest dreams come true.

Right away after the diagnosis, Price proposed to his this girlfriend, 29-year old Ceri and the couple quickly wed in August of 2013. Ceri had four children from a previous relationship and Price truly opened up his heart and took them all in as if they were his own.

Shortly after the couples wedding Price took Cheri and the four children on a magical trip to experience Disneyland Paris and then he and Cheri took a wonderfully romantic trip to New York City. Price had planned another trip for he and Cheri to go to Las Vegas, however his health had begun to deteriorate too quickly for them to be able to safely make the journey.

Cheri recently spoke to BBC News and said the following heart-wrenching words “If my love could have saved him, he would have lived forever”. Ceri went on to say that it was truly amazing how much they were able to pack into the short time they had together and the cherished memories they were able to create.

Price died in Ceri’s arms last month and his funeral was held in the very same church where the couple had wed on a few short months before. Price’s story examines just how precious life can truly be and we never truly know when our time here may be up. It urges us to learn to live in the moment and truly enjoy the many gifts and experiences that life has to offer.

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