McDonald’s Set To Begin Serving Breakfast All Day


(PCM) In what is definitely a business move to combat declining sales revenue, McDonald’s has made the announcement that many of their restaurants will begin serving breakfast around the clock.  The new all-day breakfast menu will go into effect in 14,300 McDonald’s locations on October 6.

The topic was voted on and approved by a franchisees in a meeting last week and was confirmed by the franchisee leadership council to go into effect. However, the change will not be cheap for the company as they will not have to install additional grills, as well as, additional toasters because the breakfast and lunch food need to be kept separately and cooked at varying temperatures.

A majority of the restaurants have already purchased the necessary equipment and feel that the increase of sales from serving a breakfast menu 24-hours a day will more than make up for the additional equipment costs. Consumers have been asking for years for McDonald’s to serve all-day breakfast and now they have finally gotten their wish.

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