Monday Morning Fix: What Not to Do After a Weekend Binge

If you overeat or cheat on your diet one day, or an entire weekend for that matter (it is summer, after all), what do you do come Monday morning? Skip breakfast? Swear off carbs?

One of the worst things you can do, other than finish off weekend leftovers, is skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast, or waiting too long after waking up to eat, can actually slow your metabolism down – the opposite of what you want to do after a decadent weekend. Instead, eat a healthy meal within an hour of waking up. Go for whole grains like slow-cooked oatmeal, whole grain toast or high-fiber cereals, combined with lean proteins such as egg whites, Greek yogurt, or cottage cheese and fruit. Studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to lose more weight (and keep it off) than those who skip breakfast.

Sip coffee or tea in the morning for an extra metabolism boost, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up when you overindulge – whether it’s one meal, one day, or even an entire week. It happens, but you learn from it and move on! Sometimes cheating on your diet is a good thing, if not for a boost in metabolism and hormonal balancing, but for your own sanity! Just pick it back up, and remind yourself that it’s a lifestyle change you’re after, not a quick fix.

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