My Christmas Journey, December 24, 2012

Last night I lit all four of the Advent Candles as well as the thick center red candle.  Those five candles burned brightly and lit up the whole room.  There was something about the small flames that held the power to give so much light that I did not want to put them out and go to bed.  I could have sat there for hours just watching the flames dance and glow.  Eventually I got up and blew the flames out and plunged the room into darkness.  I was disappointed to bring the room back into electric light It was almost as if magic had gone away.


I have said before that there seems to be more power in the lights of Christmas than there is any other time of the year.  They glow with a special radiance.  Maybe it’s because it is the shortest days of the year and we need the light more or maybe it’s our hearts needing to be comforted, needing to always know that no matter what, and no matter how hard the battle, light will always conquer darkness.


Jesus came into the world to bring light.  John says that the darkness of the world never understood the light and it still doesn’t.  People who have hardened their hearts to the message of Christmas never see the good that it is, though they often see the good they can take from it.  It’s sad, but the one thing we know is that no matter how hard the darkness tries, it can never ever end the light.  The light that is Jesus will shine throughout eternity.


We have spent the last twenty four day together.  We walked through Christmas Carols and stories and characters.  We looked at all sides of Christmas and now the question is are we different than when we started?


I can only answer for myself and say yes I am.  I was reminded of these writings over and over again in the last few weeks.  When I felt depression coming on I knew I could fight it because of Jesus coming.  When disappointment came I knew God was in control and I could trust Him.  And when I had happy experiences I knew God was with me celebrating.  My accomplishments and failures all had a deeper meaning as I reached out to God and remembered what Christmas really is.


Today of all days take a Linus Moment.  Open your Bibles or go on line and read Luke Chapter two.  Remember today we celebrate a Birthday.  Prepare the celebration with delight and wonder.  Have the eyes of a child at all times in the next forty eight hours.  Laugh and sing and talk and share, and show kindness to as many people as possible.  If you’re alone this Christmas, light a candle and stare at the frame and invite Jesus to be with you.  Celebrate his birthday with just you and him.  Allow yourself the great joy, that even in your loneliness, and I know how that feels, Jesus is with you and will always be.  We just have to ask.


I hope that each of you has a mighty Christmas.  I hope that each you find great joy and peace.  I hope, for those that are hurting, that you feel God comforting your hearts and renewing your hope.  Have a blessed Christmas Day!

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