New Jersey Mall Makes Kids Pay To Visit Santa! Further Proof That Nothing Is Free Anymore!


(PCM) Parents are outraged with the news that if they bring their children to visit Santa Claus at the Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey they will now have to pay a fee. While it is not uncommon for malls to charge for the photo with the mall Santa, most do not charge for the actual visit.

Many feel that the move to begin charging an admission fee just to visit Santa goes directly against the overall spirit and ideology of the holiday and the price could force some low-income families away.  The admission prices for Cherry Hill Mall’s “Adventure To Santa” will cost anywhere between $35 to $50 and according to the Philadelphia Inquirer will include photos and a video of the child’s experience.

The same attraction at Cherry Hill Mall was offered for free last year, however the mall’s management company claims that they are only one of 12 malls in the country that offer the “Adventure to Santa” attraction. The attraction features characters from the animated film Shrek, a virtual sleigh ride, a concert performed be elves and a wide-array of games to play.

What ever happened to just waiting in line, sitting on Santa’s lap and reading off your wish list?  Can anything just be simple anymore, as we know it certainly can’t be free!

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