New Jersey Teen, Rachel Canning, Sues Parents Over College Tuition And Support

Rachel-Canning(PCM) A Morristown, NJ teenager is suing her parents in order to get them to support her and pay for her college tuition, despite the fact that she is no longer living in their home.

The girl, 18-year old Rachel Canning, is currently seeking $650 a week in child support, the payment for the remainder of her tuition at Morris Catholic High School, and assistance with her college tuition payments next year.

The case went to court on Tuesday, where a judge has denied Canning’s initial request and claimed that she feared the case could lead to a “potentially sticky slope” of other teens getting the idea to bring about lawsuits against their parents.

While the initial motion in the case was denied, the parties will return to court on April 22nd for further evidence and testimony to be presented to answer the question: Are Canning’s parents obligated to financially support their daughter?

Canning’s parents claim that there was tension in the household and their daughter refused to obey the simple set of household rules such as keeping a curfew, assisting with household chores, and ending a relationship with a boyfriend the parents feel is a bad influence. ¬†Canning’s parents also go on to say that once she turned 18, their daughter voluntarily left their home, therefore emancipating herself from their responsibility.

Canning is currently residing in the home of a close friend, whose father, Morris County Freeholder John Inglesino is funding the lawsuit.

This case is receiving quite a bit of attention and we have to agree with the judge that it could certainly open the door for more lawsuits between parents and teens to begin opening up just because the teens become angered at not getting their way. That is a dangerous can of worms that would probably be best left unopened.

Photo credit: Associated Press


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