Raw Cookie Dough Restaurant Opens In NYC

(PCM) Throw those food safety myths about the dangers of consuming raw cookie dough out the window, as what is probably the world’s first raw cookie dough restaurant has opened it’s doors in New York City. If you recall, the FDA issued a warning in 2016 about the dangers of consuming raw cookie dough and it wasn’t just the danger of salmonella that could potentially be found in eggs. The FDA warned that there was an e.Coli outbreak in flour and consuming any uncooked flour was a danger to your health and could even possibly kill you!

Well, worry no more! A new eatery called has opened in Greenwich Village, NYC and it is being touted as a “cookie dough scoop shop”! Just the same as an ice cream shop, you can choose the flavors of cookie dough which range from classic chocolate chip to oatmeal m&m or if you are feeling especially adventurous you can combine flavors to create yummy combinations such as Fluffernutter, Confetti or Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle. Sounds heavenly to us!

The cookie dough scoops are served in a bowl or a cone and the store also offers other specialty items such as a cookie dough ice cream pie and the deliciously looking “cookie bomb” which features layers of buttercream icing on top of a cookie dough scoop of your choice.

For those that are worried about the safety of consuming raw cookie dough, DŌ uses pasteurized egg product and heat-treated flour to ensure proper food safety precautions. We are without a doubt paying this place a visit sometime in the very near future!  Yum!


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