Teen Girl Feels School Is Shaming Girls For Their Bodies After Being Sent Home For Wearing Shorts


(PCM) Lindsey Stocker, a fifteen year old student from Quebec, Cananda, has launched a protest of her high school’s dress code after she was sent home for wearing shorts that school officials deemed to be too short.

Stocker, refused to change out of the shorts and give in to the school’s dress code policy. She decided to instead print out posters that criticized the school’s dress code policy and hang them up throughout the school building with hopes that the school officials would recognize their error in their ways.

The printed signs read “Don’t humiliate her because she’s wearing shorts. It’s hot outside. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects.” The school immediately had the posters removed, however not before the rest of the student body had a chance to see them and thanks to the power of the social media they have not gone viral with many students not just from Stocker’s school but all over the country showing their support.

The initial incident occurred when two of the school’s vice principals entered Stocker’s classroom and asked all the students to stand up and put their arms at their sides. The school officials then said that if anyone’s shorts did not reach their fingertips they had to go home and change.

Stocker claims it was incredibly embarrassing to be put on the spot in front of all her peers and told that she had to change her clothing. When she refused she was told she was making a bad choice and threatened with suspension. Stocker stuck by her argument that the rule was unfair and only used to target the female student population, as the school officials do not appear to care what the male students happen to be wearing.

Stocker has since been suspended for not complying with the rules, however she still claims that boys are the ones who need to learn to treat women better without objectifying them and learn to see them in a different light. Women should not have to change how they dress because men will stare at them.

Do you think that Stocker should have complied with the rules or is she correct in standing her ground against an unfair policy?

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