Teen Who Tried to Sue Parents for College Tuition Has Case Denied

Rachel-Canning_1-620x412(PCM) Rachel Canning, an 18 year old from New Jersey, caused quite a stir in the news in past weeks for suing her parents for child support to pay for college tuition and other expenses. This Tuesday, a judge denied the teen’s case.

Rachel filed a lawsuit against her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning, earlier this month accusing them of kicking her out of the house at 18 and demanded they pay her child support, her private school tuition, her college tuition, and her legal fees.

The teen accused her mother of causing her bulimia, saying she called her “porky” and accused her father of having an “inappropriate affection” for her. After being “kicked out” of the house at 18, Rachel went to live with a friend who’s father, a lawyer, encouraged her to take her case to court.

Elizabeth Canning says her daughter developed a hatred for her when she tried to make her get help for her eating disorder, prompting the teen’s accusations. An investigation by the Department of Children and Families has found Rachel’s claims to be unfounded and cleared Sean Canning of any claims of abuse.

Rachel has now been labeled as a spoiled child whose only way to deal with conflict is to try and sue her way out of it. The teen previously threatened to sue a teacher at her school after he kicked her out of the Homecoming Dance because he believed her to be drunk.

There is another court date set for April 22 even though her pleas for immediate financial assistance were denied. For now, the teen returned home according to a statement by her lawyer.

Better luck next time Rachel!

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