Terminally Ill Father Walks His 11-Year Old Daughter Down The Aisle


(PCM) Be sure you grab a box of tissues before watching the absolutely heart-breaking video of a terminally ill father walking his 11-year daughter down the aisle.

62-year old Jim Zetz has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and knowing that he would not survive long enough to see his 11-year old daughter Josie get married, he was able to make that dream a reality by walking her down the aisle during a mock wedding ceremony.

The beautiful and heart-wrenching ceremony took place in the backyard of the Zetz’s family home in Murietta, CA and the family pastor presided over the ceremony, pronouncing Zetz and his daughter “daddy and daughter”.

The wedding idea was conceived when photographer Lindsey Villatoro was hired by the family to photograph one of their very last family portraits. Villatoro rounded up the help of all of her vendors to donate everything needed for the ceremony in less that 72 hours, no easy feat! ┬áThe vendors were able to rally together and donate everything such as Josie’s wedding dress, the cake, flowers, hair and make-up and food.

Villatoro filmed the wedding ceremony and posted the video titled “Walk Me Down The Aisle Daddy” online and it almost instantly has become a viral sensation. It was amazing to see the community pull together to make a family’s dream come true and it is something that young Josie will always cherish as she is growing up!

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