Choosing The Best Jeans For Your Body

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe – especially your jeans! That’s right; you’ll be parting with those comfortable shorts and summer dresses before you know it, but all in exchange for your wonderful fall collection! Who doesn’t love a pair of skinny jeans and knee-high boots?

Jeans are a wardrobe staple year-round, but fall is when we start pulling them out of hiding – and often only to find that they don’t fit as well as they used to. Maybe all those margaritas, summer barbecues, and lounging at the pool caught up to you, or maybe it’s just time to update your wardrobe. Whatever the case, if it’s time to go jean shopping, you’ll want to follow a few tips to make the experience a pleasant and successful one!

Shopping for jeans can be a nightmare. We’ve all been there. Unless you know what type of jeans work best for your body type, you can spend hours trying on pair after pair, and walk out empty-handed and extremely discouraged. So here are some tips to finding the best jeans for your body, and having a successful shopping trip!

Straight leg jeans are the most flattering jeans; all body types, from pear shaped to plus-sized, can wear these jeans. Cut straight from the knee down, they slim the legs without being skin tight like skinny jeans. They are especially forgiving if you are curvier in the hips, thighs, or calves. You can wear these jeans with heels, low boots, and flats. Avoid wearing tall boots with straight leg jeans because they difficult to fit over these jeans without getting a bunched-up look.

Skinny jeans are definitely the direction to go in if you’re petite or thin. Skinny jeans help add some curves to straight body types by hugging even the slightest contours of the body. Both cropped and longer skinnies look great on petite girls with those short legs! Just roll up the extra length into a cuff. They also show off an hour glass shape nicely, and are also the perfect jean for wearing tall boots – no matter what you’re body type. If you don’t like tight or stretchy jeans, these are not for you. But try on a pair before you decide; they might surprise you! If you like loose tops or wear a lot of longer shirts, you need a pair of these! The slimness of the jeans really balances out a boxy or loose top, and help show off your frame. Skinny jeans work great tucked into boots, or with flats and heels.

Boot cut jeans are flattering on everyone, and is definitely the best style for curvier girls.  The clean lines and straight fit throughout the leg really just streamline everything. Plus, they have just enough opening at bottom to fit boots underneath to help lengthen the leg!

Flared jeans are big this fall, and are a refreshing change from all the straight and skinny cuts. They look good on just about everyone, and are great for those on the short size who are trying to add a little height, or for those who want to balance out curvier hips and thighs. These jeans were practically made for chunky heels and wedges. Flared jeans do tend to be on the longer side, for this reason in my opinion. So if you have short legs prepare to spend a little extra on getting them hemmed, but make sure you don’t take too much off – nothing looks worse than short flared jeans! You want just a tiny bit of the shoe to show, maybe about one inch. They should be snug around the hips and thighs, and flare out from the knees down. I just bought this pair from Express ($120), and aside from being too long, they fit great! I can’t wait to get them hemmed and pair with my favorite chunky heels!

A few extra tips:

Avoid tiny pockets and pockets that are too far apart, they will make your butt look larger and wider than it is. Unless of course you have no booty!

Leave the high-waisted jeans for the tall and thin ladies. Remember that photo of Jessica Simpson in those high-waited jeans?! Not a good look.

A dark wash is super-flattering, it hides any lumps and bumps, and really just slims you all over. Light jeans and colors are better for thin, straight body types.

If you are looking for a distressed wash choose styles with some shading down the front of the thigh. Fading helps lengthen the legs – just make sure it isn’t too harsh or you will look silly.

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