Victoria’s Secret Makes A Change To Their “Perfect Body” Ad Campaign


(PCM) The power of the internet has spoken yet again and lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret has now changed their current “Perfect Body” ad campaign after being hit with a petition and outrage from body image advocates online.

The ad’s for the company’s new bra collection “Body By Victoria” featured the retailers notoriously thin models sporting bras and panties with the text “Perfect Body” splayed across their bare torsos.

The ad sparked up a huge debate online with many people claiming that the ad created negative body image stereotypes and advocated low self-esteem. There was even a petition created that urged the company to apologize for irresponsible marketing tactics.

It appears that Victoria’s Secret has taken the complaints seriously and without any public announcement have made a change to the ad campaign image that is featured on their website. While the models image still remains the same, the text now says “A Body For Every Body” rather than “Perfect Body”.

While those that started the initial petition were overjoyed at the change and claim they were neither contacted by Victoria’s Secret or the press about the update, they still feel that more change for the company needs to take place. They would still like an apology, as well as, for the posters for the campaign prior to the change to be removed from the stores and a promise to no longer use “harmful marketing” in the future.


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