We Can’t Wait To Get A Taste Of Unique New Candy Fla-ver!


(PCM) We are always in search of something new and unique when it comes to candy and sweets, so we are thrilled to reveal that there is a new candy called Fla-ver that has been concocted and sure to set your taste buds wild.

The company behind this innovative new candy, Creative Concepts Inc, have recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund bringing Fla-ver to the masses. They are now over half way to to their $10,000 goal, click here to check it out and donate!

Fla-Ver Candies are a delicious new twist in the candy arena, and are launching a uniquely artistic Fla-Ver Candies Dispenser that will spice up any space! Just what are Fla-Ver Dispensers and Fla-Ver Candies? They are artisan-designed candy dispensers filled with mouth-watering Fla-Ver candies and are like nothing else out there! Each Fla-Ver candy is a treat for your senses with a satisfying texture that is just the right amount of crunch, and delicious natural flavors that are sure to give your mouth a burst with only a few calories! Foodies rejoice—these are the candies your palette has been craving! The natural flavors paired with fun colors make Fla-Ver Candies the grownup’s choice for a flavorful treat. Choose from yummy options like Mint, Lime Chipotle, or Cherry just to name a few!

Our mouth is already watering!  I can already see a dispenser of these living on my desk in the near future…how about you?

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