Will You Be Celebrating National Unfriend Day?


(PCM) Today happens to be World Peace Day and for those that are looking to get a little peace of mind via their social media accounts today also happens to be National Unfriend Day!

National Unfriend Day was created by late night television host Jimmy Kimmel a few year ago, but since then it has caught on and each year on November 17th social media users take a good hard look at their friends list and decided just who should stay and who receives the dreaded ‘unfriend’ button click.

You know that we all have that one “friend” who is guilty of oversharing or those that rise up on a soapbox given the correct opportunity via social media. How about that guy you used to date in high school or the girl that sat behind you in 3rd period economics class? All have probably sent friend requests over the years, but are certainly not someone we choose to interact with during our daily lives.

Did you ever consider how many Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, etc “friends” that you interact with outside of the world wide web? Guaranteed your answers could probably be counted on both hands (and maybe a few toes).

National Unfriend Day gives you the blessing of social media etiquette to unfriend away and not worry about any consequences, trust us, they will get over it eventually!

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