Working at McDonald’s Never Looked So Good

Fast food will never be the same. Wayne Hemingway, of HemingwayDesign and the award-winning street style label Red or Dead, has taken McDonald’s under his wing, giving the fast-food chain an impressive makeover and dressing employees to the ‘McDonald’s nines’.

So, say goodbye to the mustard yellow monotone uniforms, and get ready for a “Mad Men” inspired design fit for a “casually elegant Italian bistro:” Adidas-style zipper jackets, button-top pencil skirts, and plaid blouses…and no more baseball hats.

We’ve taken some of the Americanism out of the uniforms,” Hemingway told Yahoo! Shine. “Baseball caps are a big thing with fast food,” he says, “but they’re far too casual for restaurant service.”

According to Yahoo! Shine, 2000 employes will debut the new looks in four London chains come July. By fall, 87,500 more British employees will be sporting the new uniforms.

So far, the response from employees has been positive, and why wouldn’t it? “At first there was a slight worry about hats because everyone was used to wearing baseball hat but now people seem to like it,” says Hemingway. “With fashion you’re never going to get 100 percent but by far vast majority of what we’re getting are compliments.”

Hemingway believes the new uniforms will improve customers’ overall experience.

“Humans don’t operate on just one plain when they eat,” explains Hemingway. “What people look at in a restaurant plays a role in how something tastes.”

But it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing the uniforms in the U.S anytime soon. “It’d be great if they did,” says Hemingway, though he’s not so sure we are ready to leave the baseball cap behind. “Apart from the caps I don’t know why they wouldn’t work in the U.S.”

Before Photo of McDonald’s Uniforms

photos courtesy Yahoo! Shine

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