Update Your Cutoffs! An Easy DIY Anyone Can Do

Cutoffs are a wardrobe must-have for the spring and summer; you’ll find them in a variety of bright colors, prints, textures and fabrics! Anything goes! Instead of spending a fortune on a trendy patterned pair, why not update one of your old pairs laying around?

Give your cutoffs a little something special with this easy DIY from Free People!

All you need is a pair of cutoffs, fabric of your choice (floral, tribal, etc.), scissors, and a needle and thread.

1. Start by cutting a piece of fabric that is large enough to cover one side of the shorts. Attach it with a few safety pins to keep it from moving around.

2. Start sewing the fabric to your shorts – I used the natural seams of the shorts as a guideline.

3. As you sew, you can trim off the excess fabric as close to the stitches as possible.

That’s it! To see the full DIY with pictures, click here.

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