21 Home Maintenance Checklist Items for Springtime

Your home is a huge component of both your emotional and financial well-being. While maintaining it can take a lot of ongoing work, money, and time, doing so will prevent major headaches down the road.

Like a machine, a home operates in conjunction with the seasons. Fall might require more leaf raking while winter needs a solid flow of insulation. However, the springtime has its own set of maintenance guidelines. Whether hiring experts in remodeling and restoration, or going completely DIY, this checklist will ensure your home keeps you and your family safe and sheltered.

Outside of your home

  • Rake up any leaves or remaining remnants from winter that might cause your grass to rot
  • Survey any grass that requires reseeding and purchase fertilizer for new growth
  • Refill your flowerbeds with mulch and plant any fresh flowers or shrubs
  • Check that your outside hoses are working properly so they are ready for watering
  • Inspect any trees for signs of illness or dead branches which would require trimming
  • Ensure your lawnmower is in good working condition by sharpening the blades, draining oil gas, and changing the spark plug if needed
  • Reseal your driveway to remove cracks and improve its surface
  • Check windows and doors for any paint chipping or peeling which can lead to damage or rotting
  • Consider staining or re-staining your deck for greater long-term use
  • Scrub the siding of your house if you spot any green algae that formed from the sunlight
  • Repair roof shingles if they appear to be cracked, loose, or are missing granules

Inside of your home

  • Replace your dryer vent to prevent a potential fire
  • Change your HVAC filter (experts recommend doing so every 4-6 weeks) or call a technician
  • Vacuum behind your refrigerator to improve its efficiency and prevent the coils from becoming too hot
  • Dust off the top of your ceiling fan and run it in a reverse motion for the spring
  • Replace smoke detector batteries and reset/test them
  • Check for dripping faucets in sinks or bathtubs that might need caulking
  • Inspect your fire extinguisher to see if it has the needle in the green zone and the exhaust fans are working properly
  • Survey the basement and attic for mold and remove unwanted moisture
  • Revisit your appliances, lighting, and other essentials for more cost-effective options like energy-saving lightbulbs
  • Clean the chimney flue or have it inspected by a certified chimney sweep


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