The Big List of Modern Slang Terms (100+)

Modern Slang

Slang terms come and go as language changes with time. New generations of young people always lead the trend of coming up with their own quirky ways of expressing themselves. From the 1950’s “cool cat” and “ankle biter” to today’s use of “beat”, “cheddar”, and “receipts”, it’s always a challenge to keep up to date on the latest ways of communicating. Use the list below to reference the next time you find yourself with a slang head scratcher.

1,2,4,you – With an outstretched hand, point down your pinky, ring finger, and index finger, then you. The finger that remains is the middle finger. First referenced regarding Russia’s Little Big’s countdown (uno , dos , quatro) song Uno, in the live Eurovision 2020
– fantastic, superb or amazing
Amiright? – A rhetorical question, you already know you’re right and everyone should agree with you
Awks – awkward
Backup – A close friend who you would be willing to marry, at a certain date or age, if things don’t work out with someone else
Bae – “Before anyone else”, typically referring to a boyfriend or girlfriend
Baked – stoned or high
Bangin – when a guy sees a hot/sexy girl, for example, “that girl is bangin…”
Bang out – complete a task quickly, for example “bang out a paper”
Basic – someone who is unoriginal and only follows mainstream trends, typically referred to as “basic b-word”
BC – bro champ
Bbz – babes
Beard – a woman used as an accessory to emphasize the gay man’s masculinity
Beat – to apply makeup
Bet – meaning “OK” or “YES,” or a response when someone challenges you, instead of saying “watch” or “we’ll see”
Big yikes – yikes but bigger, with more emphasis
Bizatch (biatch) – referring to a bitch, in a friendly way, usually a female or gay male friend
Boo – boyfriend or girlfriend
Boo That! – a bad idea, not my idea
Bread – future money
Bull – my friend
Busted – being called out for something you did wrong, or referring to something that’s really ugly: “That girl’s sweater is busted!”
“Bye Felicia” – what to say when you want to dismiss or reject someone
Came at me – offended me
Can’t even – when a person can’t comprehend what was said or is happening, used as a way to express frustration
Cap/No Cap – To lie or tell the truth
Catch a fade – to get punched
Ceebs – can’t be bothered
Cheddar – money
Chill – cool or not uptight. To “chill” refers to hanging out
Clap back – to respond to an insult with a better insult
Coin – rich or having money
Crunk (Krunk) – get/are hyped up or crazy drunk
Curve – to reject someone’s sexual advances you “curve” them
“Damn Gina!” – good job
Dawg – friend/close or distant, but a well-liked pal
DGAF – “Don’t give a f**k” or not caring
Don’t Cop A Tude – Don’t speak to me with a holier-than-thou attitude
Extra – over the top
Fam – family
Finsta – a fake Instagram profile
Fire – really cool or exciting
Fit – outfit
Flex – to knowingly flaunt and show off
Flexed on – a verbal gesture of dominance
Fo sho – for sure
Four Twenty (4:20) (420) (4-20) – Twenty minutes after four is known as the time to smoke pot, generally parents aren’t home yet. Also known for the date, April 20th, the Hippy Holiday. This is also Adolph Hitler’s birthday and is the date of the Columbine school tragedy.
Forrealz – for real, legit
Friend(s) with benefits – Friends and/or acquaintances you can have sexual experiences with without obligation of a dating relationship or commitment
Froth/Frothing – super keen or excited
GOAT – “Greatest Of All Time” or champion
Go off – to support a choice or ridiculous behavior that’s already occurred, usually meant humorously
Gotta blast – I have to leave
Gucci – used to describe something you love
Hit me up – means call me on my cell phone
Honey wagon – portable toilet
Hop off – mind your own business
Hundo P – 100%
IYKWIM – If You Know What I Mean
I’m dead – laughing really hard
Jawn – thing, object, person, place
Junk – a larger derriere “That girl’s got junk in her trunk”
Kiki – a party
Killin’ it – doing well at something
Keep it 100 – keep or be authentic
Laters – see you later
Lewk – “look,” a signature physical trait, or a specially and carefully constructed outfit or appearance
Lit – something’s amazing, exciting, high-energy, or otherwise great or it can mean being drunk
LMIRL – “Let’s meet in real life”
Lowkey/Highkey – slightly, secretly, modestly, or discretely / sincerely or assertively into something
MILF – “Mother I’d like to f***”, a mother I’d (typically a teenage boy) like to have sex with
Mood – refers to something relatable, for example, this funny clip of Will Smith is mood
Netflix and chill – having sex with Netflix playing in the background
Noob – a new/rookie gamer
Nuff said – there is nothing more to say about the subject
On fleek – perfect
Oof – yikes
Peeps – people who are associates/friends
Periodt – A word used at the end of a sentence, meant to add emphasis to a point that has been made. It is often regarded as a more extreme or intense version of “period.”
Player – someone who cheats a lot on their significant other
Preach – to explain or give advice
Props – to offer respect, for a person of honor, or congratulate someone who has achieved something
Prosta-tot – a young teenager wearing slutty clothes
Rachet – obnoxious, rude, or trashy
Rashing – to make fun of someone
Read – An insult, and a catty way of calling out someone’s flaws
Receipts – proof
Requestion – to request and ask question at the same time
R Kellying – trying to date underage girls
Rides – sneakers or shoes
RN – right now
Salad dodger – an overweight person
Salty – being upset at something or someone
Same – short for same here
Sassy – being fresh/disrespectful
Savage – a shocking event or a careless attitude
Shade – a situation where someone demonstrated sneaky actions toward someone or something. The person who has done the sneaky action has participated in the verb form of shade, which is to “throw shade”
Ship – driven from relationship, for example “I and John are in ship like so hard”
Shook – being affected by something, usually negatively and very emotionally
Shorti – girlfriend
Shotgun – calling dibs on the passenger seat in a car
Sick – cool, awesome
Skrt – stop
Slay – to do well at something
Sliving – a combo of the words slaying and living (your best life)
Slut – someone who would have sex pretty much with anyone, at any time and is easily convinced for sex
Smacks – a delicious treat
Smut – a smut is worse than a hoe, but not as bad as a slut
Snack – an attractive person
Snap – a Snapchat (social media platform) profile
Snatched – when someone is wearing something that is very fashionable, or has a look that looks really good or the process of supporting an insult against someone who has lost an argument
Squad – a clique of friends
Stahp – stop
Stan – an overzealous and obsessive fan (stalker + fan)
Stay up – meaning you will be okay
Sus – suspicious, shady, suspect
‘Sup?! – hello, what is new? (usually said with a slight nod of the head)
Swag – new stuff, usually presents or a gift
Sweet – used in chill situations: cool, awesome
Take the L – willing to make a sacrifice
TBH – “To be honest…”
Tea – gossip, and “spilling the tea” is gossiping
Thicc – curvey
Thirsty – overly eager and desperate, usually for attention, approval, or compliments
THOT – “That hoe over there”, a whore
Toasted – Quiet and happy, usually inebriated
Tool – a jerk, geek, or stupid
Triggered – sad, upset, disgusted
Trolls/Internet trolls – someone who uses the internet to purposely incite disagreements
Tween – a girl between middle childhood and adolescence, 8-12 years old
Va-jay-jay – vagina
Wig – something that is amazing. It refers to the idea that what you saw was so amazing, and incited so much shock in you, that your wig flew off
Woke – someone who’s deep or intellectually enlightened
WTTP – “Want to trade photos”
Yas – yes
Yeet – a way to say “yes,” to express excitement, to issue a battle cry, etc.—depending on context. Yeet is also used to accompany a throw.
Ykwtfgo – You Know What The F***k is going on
YOLO – you only live once, meaning seize the moment
Yote – to throw with power
Zip Ghost – someone who is high after using marijuana and having difficulty in normal functioning




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