It’s National Coffee Break Day!

Make a Break For It – It’s National Coffee Break Day!

coffee break photo(PCM) Not to be confused with National Coffee Day (September 29th), January 20th is National Coffee Break Day. While we can certainly use this time to celebrate coffee itself (for some of us, every day is coffee day), Coffee Break Day honors that all-important workday interlude.

A coffee break is a brief period of rest (10-20 minutes) within a work shift; distinct from a lunch break, a coffee break usually occurs in mid-morning or afternoon. Despite its name, drinking coffee on a coffee break is not required – you can take a tea break, snack break, smoke break, water cooler break, potty break, a quick walk around the office, or even just a breather.

But “coffee break” works for good reason. A majority of American adults are coffee drinkers, consuming more than 2 cups per person per day, on average, or 400 million daily cups nationwide. Many find that the caffeine in coffee helps boost their energy and focus so they can be more productive for the remainder of their shift. For others, a little chit-chatting with a co-worker can be as psychologically refreshing as a hot cup of joe – coffee is just a handy excuse.

Popular theories on the origin of the coffee break l

Women are laughing with a white coffee cup

ink it back to the late 19th or early 20th centuries. As American industrial culture was developing, employers began to offer benefits and accommodations to their workers, such as short breaks with complementary coffee and snacks.

Nevertheless, coffee breaks are not universal to this country: while some jobs come with mandatory break times, others discourage them. A lot depends on your employer, your job title, and the state you are employed in. Compare this to other countries, like Sweden or Finland, where everyone’s coffee breaks are protected by law, or Ethiopia, where formal coffee drinking ceremonies can go on for hours, multiple times a day, and are steeped in social significance.

Still, coffee culture and U.S. industry are as inseparable as a venti latte and light foam. From coffee runs to “coffices” (coffee shop offices), America runs on the stuff. So be on the lookout for National Coffee Break Day discounts and specials at your favorite donut shop or coffee oasis! Maybe pick up something for your colleagues, too. Share some muffins, share a moment. Everyone deserves a break today.

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