The A4 Waist Challenge Is Sweeping China Promoting A Very Dangerous Body Trend


(PCM) Yet another incredibly dangerous and very unhealthy body trend challenge is picking up steam in China. The #A4WaistChallenge asks women to hold up a sheet of A4 computer paper (approximately 8 x 11 inches) over their stomachs to prove that their waistlines are tiny. If your waistline is completely hidden by the paper then you have succeeded with the challenge.

The challenge originated on the Chinese social media network Weibo and has since spread like wildfire all throughout Asia. Women are attempting drastic measures to show-off their less than eight inch waistlines. Of course the challenge is receiving quite a bit of backlash as now users are Twitter are beginning to express their displeasure and concern.

Many feel that of course it presents unrealistic standards of beauty for women and can lead to some very dangerous physical and psychological ailments. People even begun suggesting that holding the paper in landscape direction over your mid-section would be a more accurate and safe representation that portrait direction.

Sometimes we don’t think there will ever be a day when these ridiculous body trend viral challenges will ever stop and they only seem to be getting worse!


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