Chick-fil-A Is Offering Diners Free Food If They Can Put Down Their Phones


(PCM) Chick-fil-A has come up with an absolutely brilliant way to encourage customers that visit their restaurants to disengage with technology for a few minutes, put away their cell phones and actually enjoy a meal with their family and friends. The company has created a family challenge called the “Cell Phone Coop Challenge” where everyone places their cell phones inside the box and actually spends some time speaking and interacting with one another.

Currently, the challenge is only being offered at about 150 Chick-fi-A locations, but given the positive feedback, additional franchise locations are requesting “cell phone coop” boxes in order to participate. The challenge has a very simple concept with a sweet reward at the end. Here’s what you do:┬áTurn off your cell-phones, place in the coop, enjoy your meal and your family’s company without any distractions, let the employees know you completed the challenge, and you’ll receive a free small Icedream cone. That’s it!

It is the perfect way to urge families to unplug for a bit and bring back the art of actual dinner conversation. Great job Chick-fi-A, we certainly hope to see this roll out a more locations soon and let’s hope it will make customers think twice before bringing technology to the dinner table.

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