Chill Out: It’s National Frozen Food Month

Ice Cube, Frozen, Ice.

(PCM) As we inch towards spring you may be more than ready to start thawing out from winter, but there’s one place where cold is still cool – your freezer! March is National Frozen Food Month!

In 1984, President Ronald Regan declared March 6th as Frozen Food Day “to recognize the significant contributions of the frozen food industry to the nutritional well-being of the American people”. Technologies developed in the United States in the 1930s revolutionized agriculture, marketing, and consumption opportunities for people around the world. Thanks to these developments, food can travel safely from farm to table. You can buy frozen vegetables, fruit, and meat year-round, without being limited by seasonal availability, and store food products for months without spoilage or waste. The next time you indulge in a pint of Rocky Road, thank the frozen food people (and maybe lift a spoon for ol’ Ron).

Frozen Food Day has become a month-long marketing campaign spearheaded by The National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association. Watch for sales on frozen foods, special coupons, and other promotions at your local supermarket and other foodstuff purveyors throughout the month of March – and make room in the freezer! Taking advantage of the frozen food fiesta is not only good for your budget, it makes you a patriot too. Happy National Frozen Food Month!

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