Cleaning Contact Lenses: 90 Percent of People Are Doing it Wrong

(PCM) Think you’re doing an okay job of cleaning your contacts every night? Chances are, you’re not. In fact, you’re probably doing it wrong.

A University of Texas study found that 90 percent of people thought using fresh solution meant simply adding a few drops to what was already in the lens case. That is NOT what you eye doctor taught you!

What’s the big deal? According to Men’s Health, it does more harm than you might think. Leftover solution is doesn’t have any disinfecting power left, which according to the FDA, can raise your risk of vision-damaging infections. Always clean your lenses before storing them by following your eye doctor’s instructions (even if the solution makes “no rub” claims). Give them a good rinse before putting them back in your eyes, dump out used solution, and air-dry the case each time you remove your lenses from it. And ALWAYS refill it with new solution.

Your eyes will thank you!

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