Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Road Trip

Heading on a road trip this Labor Day weekend? After all, nothing wraps up the summer quite like a long drive with good music, great friends, and hopefully, beautiful weather.

Aside from the obvious essentials – car chargers, GPS, neck pillows, cash, and of course, an iPod, and a full tank of gas – don’t forget to fill the car with the other essential fuel: snacks! Instead of stopping at rest stops, gas stations, and fast-food joints along the way, keep the car stocked with all your favorites that won’t weight you down or worse, upset your stomach. Plus, you’ll save money; a stop at the gas station is expensive enough without adding on tons of snacks and drinks. If you do decide to hit the drive-thru, check out 10 Healthy Fast Food Choices Under 350 Calories!

Pack a cooler or insulated bag full of fruit and vegetable slices, bean dip or hummus, hard-boiled eggs, cheese sticks, and peanut butter for snacks, and even throw in a few sandwiches (pack condiments separately) or cold cuts/cooked chicken for more substantial meals. Nuts, whole wheat pretzels, and energy bars are smart on-the-go snacks, too.

Stay away from anything overly salty or sugary (cookies, potato chips, pickles, tortilla chips); these kinds of foods can cause dehydration and may rev up any little ones you may have traveling with you. Stick to bottled water, avoiding anything without a lid and anything dark in color that can stain the interior of the car. You never know when you’re going to hit a pothole, speed bump, or maybe even go off-roading! It is the final weekend of summer – enjoy it!


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