Connecticut Teen Completed Her Bucket List The Day She Passed Away


(PCM) Friends and family continue to mourn the loss of Connecticut teenager Rebecca Townsend, who tragically passed away after being struck by a car back on July 2nd. When going through Rebecca’s belongs her sister discovered a bucket list written by Rebecca for a school assignment about three years prior to her passing. ┬áThe final item on the bucket list was to save another person’s life and that item sadly checked off the day of Rebecca’s passing.

At the time of accident, Rebecca was walking with her friend Ben Arne, who she was able to quickly push out of the way of the car that hit her, leaving him injured but thankfully still alive and completing her goal of being responsible for saving another person’s life. Rebecca had already accomplished the other two goals on her bucket list which were taking a trip to Spain and being kissed in the rain.

Rebecca had just graduated high school and was scheduled to attend the University of Notre Dame this fall. Rebecca’s family have set up a memorial page of Facebook titled “Remembering Rebecca” and were able to share the story of her bucket list and selfless act to save her friend with the world. The Facebook remembrance page continues to grow in popularity as more and more people around the world are praising Rebecca for her bravery and offering up their condolences to the family.

Her sister feels that by discovering and being able to share Rebecca’s completed bucket list it is a little sign that her sister is ok.

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