Consumers Outraged That Reese’s Special Christmas Tree Candies Resemble Something Rather Unappetizing!


(PCM) Reese’s fans have taken to social media to express their outrage over the fact that the companies special edition Christmas tree shaped candies do not at all resemble a Christmas tree shape, but rather look more like something you would find floating in a toilet bowl.

The company has been creating the special edition Christmas tree shaped candy since 1993, however with this being the day and age when individuals are offended by just about anything and social media being an open platform, consumers have finally decided to voice their complaints that the candy looks absolutely nothing like a Christmas tree and more closely resembles a “turd”.

The Reese’s social media administrators have gone into overload in an attempt to address the customers concerns and have been responding with the same basic phrase “This is not the perfect experience we’re going for. Please send us a note so we can help.”  They are then directing customers to the Hershey’s customer service page.

A spokesperson for the Hershey company has released the following statement in regards to the Christmas tree’s odd shape saying “that the seasonal shapes –which have been made the same way since their initial release over two decades ago–are created differently than the regular peanut butter cups and have a higher ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. These products are not solid chocolate made in molds, which would have a more distinct shape. They are soft peanut butter centers that are enrobed in chocolate, a process which by its nature creates a less distinct shape.”

The spokesperson goes on to say that despite the criticisms over the shape of the candy, the Reese’s special edition candies which also include egg shapes at Easter and pumpkins for Halloween, result in massive amounts of annual sales for the company.

What do you think?  Should the company invest in some better molds for the holiday candy or should well enough be left alone?

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