Control Body Odor with These Quick and Easy Tips

Did you know that we have over 250,000 sweat glands in our feet alone? With a blazing hot summer ahead, there’s no doubt we’re all going to come across some stinky feet in the months ahead, whether they’re your own or not. Let’s face it, body odor is a lot worse in the summer; if you take public transportation, you know how bad it can get!

Luckily, there are some preventative measures you can take to be sure you’re not the offending party!

How to avoid…

Smelly feet: The fastest way to smelly feet is if your socks or shoes get wet somehow. That may seen highly unlikely in the summer, but all those sweat glands in your feet make it more common than you’d think, especially if you’re running around the city on a hot summer day. The stink comes from an overgrowth of bacteria, so Dr. Oz recommends applying a diluted solution of lemongrass oil or verbena oil to your feet after washing and drying them in the morning. If you work outdoors, or have a very physical job, invest in some quality moisture-wicking socks and shoes with proper ventilation.

Underarm odor: There’s nothing worse than a person with bad armpit odor, especially in a confined area! Blame anxiety, hormones, hair, and the heat for this one. For the most part, this can be avoided with deodorant – not antiperspirant – unless you really suffer from armpit odor, then you’d want to try a boric acid or tannic acid solution. It could be that you have overactive sweat glands (i.e., hyperhidrosis). If it’s really bad, Dr. Oz recommends putting on 20% aluminum at night and washing it off in the morning, or you can try antibiotic creams to kill multiplying bacteria. Quick tip: Carry baby wipes or WetOnes in your purse. You never know when you’ll need them!

Bad breath: This one definitely occurs year round, but maybe it’s just more noticeable in the summer? Odors just seem to lurk around longer in the heat. Food odors, especially onions, garlic, and curry, pass into your bloodstream and the aromas are exhaled from your lungs, which is why gum and mints don’t always work for long. Make sure you brush your teeth and tongue, and floss at least twice a day, but more importantly after stinky meals. Drink plenty of water to help flush it out!

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