Dutch Architect Takes Green Living To The Next Level With Tree-Like OAS1S

OAS1S(PCM) At this point, almost everyone acknowledges that Climate Change is real and damaging our planet, making any strides towards sustainable living much-needed. Dutch architect Raimond de Hullu has plans to make strides in this department with his green-living OAS1S, a middle-class community that resembles a forest.

OAS1S’s website touts the community as “a passionate and innovative answer to our current need for sustainable global urbanization. A win-win-win concept for people, nature and society, with a mission for radical urban improvement.”OAS1S_2

Hullu’s community consists of tall vegetation-covered 1-shaped wooden structures described as “treescrapers” and measure 6 x 6 x 12 m, or about 20 x 20 x 39 ft. Like trees, the housing units are made of wood and leaves and collect natural resources, like sunlight and water. Another trait the units share with trees is their ability to provide oxygen, housing, and even food.OAS1S_4

OAS1S will be a roadless community with a car park located on the outskirts of the property. Short trails leading through the forest-like park will guide residents to their homes. OAS1S is also 100% self-sustainable and off-the-grid.

The elegant eco-homes are much roomier than the popular eco-friendly home-of-the-moment—the tiny house—with four floors and over 520 ft² of interior space in the basic model. The homes also include large windows, a skylight, and a loggia or a french balcony.OAS1S_3

OAS1S can be adapted to a variety of units, including single family homes, multi-family units, and hotels, and can be applied to both urban and natural settings.

It may be a number of years until the first OAS1S community comes to fruition; OAS1S™ projects just launched this summer.


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