Ever Dream Of Being a Paintball Tester? We May Have Found Your Ideal Job!


(PCM) A British company by the name of UK Paintball is currently offering up the job of literally being a human target “bullet tester” and willing to shell out about $62,000 for a yearly salary.

The job opening was posted on the company’s website and asks for the individuals who are bored with their current part-time jobs and have a relatively “high pain threshold” to apply for the position. The company goes on to explain that the job may pose a small risk of pain, discomfort, and some bruising.

The job description states that your duties if hired will involve being shot at with a new batch of paint bullets to ensure that all health and safety checks are in place before the company can use them on the general public and paying customers.

The company also warns potential applicants that they must sometimes wear a lack of protective gear and limited items of clothing to help the company prepare for “worst case scenarios”.

On the plus side, the job position comes with flexible hours and all travel expenses included, so depending on how much pain you can withstand the benefits might be pretty sweet.

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