Turkey Recall Circulating Social Media Turns Out To Be A Hoax


(PCM) We all know just how fast false information can spread, especially in the day and age of social media. Many people who are gearing up to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday received quite a scare when a “new report” began circulating online claiming that millions of frozen turkeys were being recalled.

The report claimed that the turkeys were being recalled because they contained a dangerous illness that could be transferred to humans and was not destroyed by cooking the bird. The fake report even quoted the CDC (Centers For Disease Control) claiming “The CDC has confirmed that millions of turkeys have been recalled due to safety concerns over an avian virus that the birds may be harboring.”

Here’s the issue: No one at the CDC has made such a statement and the supposed “new report” is from a very well-known fictitious site called The National Report. The same site was also responsible for sending Facebook users into a panic over the idea of being charged a monthly fee and claimed that the IRS would be holding refunds until the spring.

Rest assured your turkey will be fine and free of any life-threatening illnesses, so enjoy and have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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