Five Reasons to Love the Fall

It’s true. As of today, Fall is finally here.

While some may lament the beginning of the new season, (after all, it does officially usher out the summer and preview the winter chill) we want to assure you there are plenty of things to look forward to in the Fall even though school has started back up and summer hours have ended. Here are just a few to get you in the right mindset for the wonderful season!

1. The Scenery

Okay, who can deny the beauty of the leaves changing color? It’s hard to picture the Fall without thinking of a tree filled with orange or yellow or red leaves somewhere in the landscape. And whether it’s standing back and taking in the beauty of the change or getting outside and raking them (and hopefully jumping in them, too!), the leaves are an indispensible part of enjoying the Fall.

During the summer, there is little we want to do outside. But if we do venture into the heat, it’s normally to jump in a pool or stay under the shade of a tree. Now that it’s Fall, we can finally enjoy the view rather than hiding under it.

2. Breaking Out a New Wardrobe

We’d say the chilly weather factor could get its own number, but we know not everyone can be so easily swayed by the drop in temperature. So we think the best way to approach the cooler weather (which we love, for the record!) is in terms of clothes.

After months of wearing the same shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and sundresses, it’s finally time for a change of pace. Not saying we don’t love those clothes that it’s now time to pack up for a few months, but we do love feeling like there’s new clothes in the closet and new options in our daily wardrobe as we break out long-sleeve shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, coats, boots and more!

It’s as though we just unloaded the bags from a big shopping trip we took and didn’t even spend any money! Score!

3. Major Holidays

We’re not saying that we don’t love Labor Day (and the day off) and we certainly enjoy the town parades and fireworks that come with Fourth of July, but in Fall we get two of the biggest holidays of the year: Halloween and Thanksgiving. What makes them even better? There’s something to love about them for everyone.

Of course those who love horror movies can turn on a TV at anytime during October and find something to keep them entertained, but even if you don’t like the screams from the screens, there’s always the fun of dressing up in costume. Still not excited about Halloween? Just think about the candy! And isn’t there something so charming about the idea of a community coming together and opening their doors to one another and, once again, celebrating and sharing with candy?

Then, of course, there’s Thanksgiving! While there aren’t any costumes, unless you’re going to see children put on a play, there is a similar sense of community as family and friends gather around the dinner table, help one another in the kitchen and enjoy a meal together.

4. Time for Decorations!

Down the street from our office, we caught sight of the first Halloween decorations of the season yesterday. The lawn was complete with a blow-up Frankenstein, ghost and pumpkin. It was more exciting than terrifying, but only because it was the first glimpse of the decorations to come!

Sure there will be more blow-up creatures, but there will also be a good showing of spider webs taking over an entire lawn, fake gravestones with clever sayings, and much more. It gives the season an extra chill.

But perhaps best of all are the decorations we get to pick up ourselves and carry around the orchards – while drinking cider or, on a nice chilly day, some hot chocolate. While pumpkins may be more readily associated with Halloween and gourds with Thanksgiving, the beauty of them both is that they can each be used for both holidays and in conjunction with one another. Not to mention they last a long time, can be turned into hollow instruments, and put on the table as well as the lawn!

5. The Fall TV Line-Up

While the summer series have, admittedly, been getting better over the years, nothing beats the Fall start-up of all of our favorite shows. Reruns be gone, because as Fall starts, we are finally able to curl up with new episodes for weeks on end.

But what’s especially great about the Fall premieres is that they aren’t confined to September. New series and seasons start up in October and November as well. Talk about spreading the love!

And for all you sports fans out there, one of the highlights of Fall is undeniably the return of the football season. After an anxious summer of wondering whether it would return, football fans everywhere are rejoicing more than usual for the return of football this season.

Here’s hoping this list made you a bit more excited for the upcoming season ahead of us! It’s here, so start embracing it now! What else is there to love about Fall? Share what you love so we can get even more excited, too!

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