Five Ways to Surprise Someone on Their Birthday

5 Ways to Surprise Someone on Their Birthday

Birthdays are always special. Making the day full of fun and memory is always worth it. Whether it is the birthday of your parents or spouse or dear friends, you will buy gifts and wish them exactly when the clock strikes twelve – the same rituals every year. 

How about doing something a bit different for their birthday this year? Why not plan a birthday surprise that they didn’t expect, but would be super-happy to receive? They will appreciate the thought and love you have put into the preparations. 

With that in mind, get to know about five ideas to surprise your loved ones on their birthday. So, let’s get started.

Plan A Rocking Party 

Start with the most obvious, but highly effective, birthday surprise ever. Go ahead and organize the best birthday party ever without letting the person have any clue about it. You will have to work a bit extra to get everything arranged for the perfect party, but it will be worth it.

Start by keeping a budget in mind. You can have a party of ten people or a hundred based on the budget. Next up, it’s time to send out the invites while telling everyone to keep it an absolute secret from the person. Finally, order the cake, the food, and the decorations for the party, and that’s it!

Get the birthday girl/boy to reach the party venue at the right time. Before they enter, get ready with the confetti, cake, printed chocolates, and other birthday goodies that they love.

Get Them Gifts Every Hour of the Special Day

When it comes to birthday gifts, the simple mantra is ‘the more, the merrier.’ After all, who doesn’t love being showered with their favorite things all through the day? This year, get them more than one birthday gift to keep the excitement going. Give something every hour or every day of the week leading up to their birthday. 

Planning to organize a long-distance birthday surprise for someone? Yes! Sending a gift for each day of the week is a great idea. Something costly is not the need of the hour. It should be something meaningful to the person. Save up the best gift for the last and let their anticipation soar. What can be better than planning a birthday surprise that lasts the whole day or a week.

Plan Their Entire Day with Their Favorite Activities

Here is another excellent way to get the surprise going for the entire day. Plan their whole day by filling it with their favorite activities. Figure out their hobbies or the things that they might have wanted to do for a long time.

Were they thinking about heading to that new salon in town? If yes, take them. Did they tell you about that latest movie they are planning to watch in theaters? Get the tickets. Do they love nothing more than a delicious mushroom risotto and pasta carbonara? Eat out together at their favorite Italian restaurant.

The point is that endless options are there for organizing the entire day. Know about the preferences and hobbies of the person and plan accordingly. But, ensure not to reveal the entire plan all at once. Let them keep guessing what’s coming next. 

Create a Birthday Video Featuring All Their Loved Ones

Creating a birthday video does not need as much of an effort as you might think. Proper cameras or setups to put together the best birthday video ever are not crucial too. Just tell all their family, friends, and loved ones about the plan. Ask them to record small video messages on their phones and send those before the big day. Once you have all the videos, download an easy-to-use, free video editing app. 

Start merging all the videos and add your special message too. And, the birthday video is ready. Hearing the messages of the loved ones on their birthday will be one of the most amiable and warm surprises ever. All the hard work and planning went into it will make the video even more cherished.

Hidden Handwritten Notes 

Here is another exciting and fun surprise for the special day. Write as many notes as possible and hide them at different places in the house. You can even turn it into a group thing and ask all their friends and family to write notes for them too. The notes should be hidden strategically in places where the person is sure to find them. Hide it in their office diary, near the sofa, and in the lunch box. Pick the spots that they would usually come across during the day.

Think of how excited the person will be for the whole day as different love notes are found from their pocket, bag, diary, and lunch box. You can remain assured that they will save all the notes that they have received.

Final Thoughts

No one knows the special person better than you. Planning something that they would enjoy is crucial. It’s their day. Put in lots of effort to make it one of the most memorable ones in their life. Keep in mind that it is not about the budget you have set for the surprise, but rather the thought that went into it. On that note, it is time to go ahead and start the preparations.

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