Furry Nails Are The New “It” Thing! Would You Rock This Fuzzy New Trend?


(PCM) Each and every time New York Fashion Week occurs you can be sure that at least one or two bizarre new trends will begin rise in popularity and gain even more steam online. During the Libertine Fall/Winter 2016 show, people noticed that the models were sporting furry finger nails and were quick to share this discovery online.

It appears that furry nails has been fairly popular on Instagram, however seeing them make their way to the runaway of a New York Fashion Week show takes the trend to an entirely new level. The furry nail trend is fairly easy to recreate, as you canĀ use brown and white polish and then a shiny top coat, before applying the faux fur to match the Libertine look or go completely crazy and create some wild color schemes of your own.

Many people feel that the new furry nail trend is actually pretty gross, as when you really think about it, how does one go about cleaning a furry manicure? What about eating finger foods? Let’s not even think about the bathroom! Despite the concerns many people have already begun trying out the new look and posting the results all over social media.

Would you rock the furry nails trend or do you hope that this one ends as quickly as it began?

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