Get Paid To Relocate To New Zealand? Offer Circulating May Just Be Too Good To Be True


(PCM) The news has been circulating that the small New Zealand town of Kaitangata is offering individuals nearly $170,000 to relocate to the region to assist with filling it’s surplus of job opportunities.

There are only about 800 inhabitants of Kaitangata, which is located near the coastline on the South Island. The area is heavily involved in both the dairy processing and freezing industries and are hoping to jump start their economy by filling nearly 1,000 open job positions within these industries.

The town has been busing in workers from larger cities to the region and hopes that many will decide to make Kaitangata their permanent home. It was originally stated that the town was making an offer of nearly $170,000 to individuals who were looking to relocate, however, much as we suspected this offer turned out to be too good to be true.

Instead, the town is offering up gorgeous plots of land for the price of $170,000. They pride themselves on being an old-fashioned community where the doors remained unlocked, kids are free to play without fear of dangers and there is a steady and stable way of life. There is plenty of work and room for home, however the only thing the town is lacking in more residents.

This story went viral after it was misreported that the mayor of Kaitangata was offering up money for relocation which prompted many calls to the mayor’s office with hopefuls looking to make some quick cash and move to New Zealand. Hey, who isn’t up for a little adventure?  Sadly, this is not the case and they have posted the following statement via Facebook to address the issue and misinformation:

There is a story that has been published by overseas media that we are paying people $160,000 to move to Kaitangata and people should ring the Mayor about it. This is NOT TRUE. People are not being paid to move to Kaitangata and you should not contact the Mayor about it. If you are genuinely interested in the house and land packages in Kaitangata, which are on sale for $230,000 or want to know more about working and living in our district, please visit for more information. Please feel free to share this post to try and combat the misinformation and stop creating false hope for the hundreds of people around the world that are busy contacting Council! Thanks, Clutha District Council.

Better luck next time, guys!!

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