Grocery Shopping On This Day Of The Week Could Save You Big?

(PCM) Savvy shoppers are always looking for a way to save a few bucks,especially when it comes to grocery shopping. Did you know that you can save money by grocery shopping on a certain day of the week?

Well, it’s true! ¬†Wednesday is the day to hit the grocery store as many stores release their new ads on that day and will also honor the previous weeks sale items on that day as well. ¬†It has also been revealed that shopping in the evening is the best time to go to the store, as that is when many stores also reduce their perishable items for quick sale, especially in the produce, meat, and bakery areas of the store.

The next time you are looking for a fabulous grocery deal, hit the stores on Wednesday night to secure yourself the biggest bargains and the most bang for your buck.

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