InStyle Faces Criticism Over Allegedly Lightening Of Kerry Washington’s Skin


(PCM) Despite the fact that “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of next month’s issue of InStyle magazine, the publication is facing quite a bit of criticism on the internet for allegedly lightening the actresses skin tone.

Washington shared a photo of herself featured on the cover of the magazines upcoming March issue on social media and immediately people began to comment that her skin tone appears to be much lighter than it actually is in real life.

The photo features an incredibly brightly lit Washington in a beautiful shoulder-baring dress with wind-swept hair, however it was Washington’s skin tone that seemed to be getting the most attention.

The photo sparked a huge debate on social media about issues such as race, beauty standards and of course photo shopping. Washington herself seemed incredibly pleased with the image, as she said she was thrilled to share the image and was incredibly honored to grace the cover of the magazine.

InStyle released their own statement in regards to the cover photo situations which read “While we did not digitally lighten Kerry’s skin tone, our cover lighting has likely contributed to this concern. We understand that this has resulted in disappointment and hurt. We are listening, and the feedback has been valuable. We are committed to ensuring that this experience has a positive influence on the ways in which we present all women going forward.”

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