It’s My Wedding and I’ll Pin If I Want To

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Talk about a big moment in a woman’s life. As Eminem would say, you get “One shot, one opportunity” to have a fabulous wedding.

I don’t mean to sound sexist by calling it a woman’s milestone, but let’s be honest; guys don’t care if the cake is red velvet or white chocolate. They don’t care if the bridesmaids wear periwinkle blue versus robin’s egg blue, and they sure don’t care about each table’s centerpiece.

Girls on the other hand? You better not throw rice at me when I clearly asked for white rose petals or tell me that the Billy Joel Cover Band is booked that weekend. Okay, I solemnly swear NOT to end up as a Bridezilla; I just need to play one for demonstration purposes.

It was the social media device called Pinterest that made me realize how important our weddings are especially with the upcoming wedding season. (As a side note, Pinterest is a newsfeed of pictures that covers categories such as interior decorating tips, fun things to try, delicious recipes, wardrobe ideas, and wedding stuff galore.)

Every female to whom I have spoken has created a “Wedding Board.” To break down what this means: each Pinterest participant can create a virtual corkboard where you can pin up pictures you like to save for future reference. Now that you are caught up on the proper jargon, all of my friends, including myself, have a board dedicated JUST for wedding ideas.

Someone said to me recently, “Why do you need a Wedding board? Isn’t it a little too soon to be thinking of something like that?” When is it not too soon? is my question.

This is supposed to be one of the biggest days of our lady lives. Not only are we joining our lives with someone else, but we get to center an entire event around songs we enjoy, food we love, and the important people to share all of that.

So, if I want to make sure that I have at least five hair options ready as well as several creative pre-wedding picture ideas, I am going to save pictures to my wedding board until Mr. Pinterest tells me there is no more space for me to use.

I don’t care if onlookers feel it is premature to store away photos for my wedding, because a) they are probably doing the same thing and b) I am a girl. I grew up re-enacting Barbie and Ken’s courtship all the way from their first date to life in the dream house. Of course, I am going to make sure I am fully prepared for the real-life thing!

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